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Mission & Promise


Our Mission is to provide hassle-free insurance advice and products.


AXS Health Insurance Agency, LLC is an independent company that deals in business-to-consumer transactions. We provide a less-stress environment to obtain Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Medicare and Supplement Plans. Being an independent agency (not owned by any large insurance company) allows us to be subjective when looking for the right plans to suit all our customers.

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Our Promise

  • We will help you choose the plan that most fits your individual/family needs, without spending more than necessary to meet those goals.
  • We will help you choose which carrier is most suitable for your family,  individual needs, or small group.
  • We will help you choose deductible and co-insurance options that are most suitable for your risk exposure.
  • We will make sure all risks are covered, incorporating GAP plans when needed.
  • Our services are always free to you and we will remain your personal insurance advocate for the life of your policy.

Why AXS?

  • We are there for them upon enrollment and through the year.  With a simple phone call, office visit, or email they can speak to the  representative that enrolled them.  No go between, no hold time, we answer the phone.
  • You can walk into our local office and speak to your health care advocate anytime.
  • We have been helping individuals and families for 25 years solve their healthcare needs, without spending more than what is necessary or comprising their coverage.
  • Healthcare Marketplace Circle of Champions from 2019 – 2023.
  • We are directly connected to the healthcare marketplace and are a CMS certified agency.

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