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AXS Team

The AXS Team has been helping individuals and families for 22 years solve their healthcare needs, without spending more than what is necessary or comprising their coverage. We are there for our clients upon enrollment and through the year. With a simple phone call, office visit, or email they can speak to the  representative that enrolled them.  No go between, no hold time Рwe answer the phone. Our AXS team looks forward to serving you!

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Kenneth Fleming

NPN Number: 1326110


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Kimberly Fleming

NPN NUMBER: 5310440


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Lisa Lerch

NPN NUMBER: 9657595

866.454.4458 ext 1006

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Jackie Hallada

NPN NUMBER: 10683450

866.454.4458 ext 1010

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April Kizer

NPN NUMBER: 15652314

866.454.4458 ext 1013

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Susie Weedn

NPN NUMBER: 15391610

866.454.4458 ext 1004

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Bianca Hallada

NPN NUMBER: 18852025

866.454.4458 ext 1001

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